Return policy

Denk Pharma provides a service for efficient return processing.

Denk Pharma Return Policy 2024

Wholesalers and pharmacies in direct supply. Effective from 01.04.2023 until revoked.

Direct purchase

In the case of direct purchase, we ask you to destroy the goods yourself

1. destruction declaration (incl. batch) &

2nd invoice / credit note request (incl. delivery note number and date)

to the fax number: 089 / 230 029 349 or to the e-mail address

Attention: in the course of self-destruction, there is an obligation to inactivate the respective serialization number.

Please note: In the event of a physical return of goods to our SK Pharma warehouse, we will not refund any shipping costs and will charge a handling fee of EUR 9.95.

After the following events have occurred, we will grant a 100% refund for direct purchases within the same calendar year:

  • Damage in transit
  • Goods with a remaining term of less than three months
  • Expired goods
  • EBV goods after expiry of the right of return
  • Sale items (AV)
  • Quality defect/seal breakage (please contact us before destroying)

Manufacturer recalls are reimbursed 100% by credit note.

Incorrect deliveries will be refunded 100% by credit note, please contact us for a refund.


Telephone number: 089 / 23 00 29 – 315

Fax number: 089 / 23 00 29 – 349

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